Wir begrüßen unsere neuen AZUBIS ganz herzlich!
Die Aufregung war sicherlich groß, am 01.08.2016 begann für unsere 6 Auszubildenden ein neuer Lebensabschnitt. Die Auszubildenden wurden von unserem Geschäftsführer T


The se.services GmbH is a subsidiary of the Schulzendorfer Elektro GmbH. Quality and Know-How are based on the experience those could collect during the last 50 years. Due to ist structure the se.services GmbH is enormously flexible and able to provide very a attractive costs- pay off relation of all important services while ensuring the hightest standard of quality.

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Apprenticeship positions for 2015

se.services GmbH, as a medium-sized company in the region Berlin-Brandenburg, feels responsible to fulfill its social task as an educating company with jobs for a guaranteed future. In addition to this we offer a perspective in a company with a deep tradition. During our 50 years of history we had the chance to educated 179 trainees.

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